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Greetings, fellow knowledge seekers! I am Muhammad Yahya, known as Yahya in the Wikimedia community. As an enthusiastic and dedicated Wikimedian, I have been actively involved in various Wikimedia projects for over six years. With a strong passion for free knowledge and open access, I have contributed extensively to the Wikimedia movement.

Within the Bangla Wikipedia community, I am an administrator and interface administrator, entrusted with the responsibility of ensuring the smooth functioning of the platform. Additionally, I proudly serve as an administrator and interface administrator of Bangla Wikivoyage, where I strive to create an enriching experience for travelers and explorers.

Globally I am a Global Renamer and a Global Rollbacker. Furthermore, I actively participate as a file-reviewer and file-renamer on Wikimedia Commons, ensuring the quality and appropriateness of multimedia contributions. I also contribute on other Wikimedia projects.

Hailing from Bangladesh, my native language is Bangla, in which I am fluent. However, I am also proficient in English, enabling me to effectively communicate across linguistic boundaries. I have a strong understanding of Assamese, Bishnupriya Manipuri and Hindi, further enriching my intercultural interactions.

I am an ardent internet activist with a wealth of experience in fostering inclusive communities both online and offline. I have played a pivotal role in community building and management, recognizing the importance of creating spaces that are welcoming, diverse, and respectful.

As a member of the Volunteer Response Team (VRT), I am entrusted with handling various queues, including info-bn, photosubmission, permissions, and renamers. This responsibility allows me to actively engage in supporting and assisting the Wikimedia community.

Additionally, I am a Wikidata admin and have access to the English Wikipedia account creation team, furthering my commitment to facilitating access to knowledge.

Together, we can make a difference in the world. 😊🌍📚 Welcome, and enjoy your stay!

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