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setup ssh key

  • download and install termux
  • Command
    • apt update
    • apt upgrade
  • Check if you have already an ssh key: ls ~/.ssh
  • if not then install openssh using pkg install openssh
  • ssh-keygen -t rsa -C "MailAddress" -f ~/.ssh/id_rsa -P "secret key phrase"
  • Open public key» cat ~/.ssh/
  • copy that
  • go to > SSH KEY > paste key & save

logging in into toolforge

  • ssh <shell username>
  • enter pass phrase

host a webservice

  • become ToolName
  • mkdir public_html [will create a directory called public_html]
  • create/move file(s)/folder(s) to this directory
    • nano public_html/index.php [to create file directly to the folder]
    • mv file_path target file path

run a bot

  • become ToolName
  • create script like edit.php
  • run> php edit.php


  • nano [to see cat]
  • crontab -e [-e means edit mode]
  • select [5]
  • generate cronjob with time limit by searching google
  • * * * * bash /data/project/ToolName/
  • to see: crontab -l
  • to stop automated bot: crontab -e & remove text manually
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