Pywikibot with termux

From Yahya's Wikisphere

This is the command list to install pywikibot on mobile using Termux. First of all, install Termux from f-droid. I don't recommend downloading it from the playstore. Download from this link. Move this file to another folder. Copy the file path/folder location. Use the following commands one by one.

  1. apt update
  2. apt upgrade
  3. pkg install python
  4. pip install pywikibot
  5. pip install mwparserfromhell
  6. pip install wikitextparser
  7. pip install -U setuptools
  8. cp <file path of> ~
  9. unzip <file_name>


To start with pywikibot-

  1. cd core_stable && ls
  2. python
  3. python login

Wanna code with python?

  1. pkg install nano
  2. nano <filename>.py
  3. write your code. To save the file use ctrl+s. To exit use ctrl+x
  4. To run code use the command python <filename>.py
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