From Yahya's Wikisphere

This is a note for future use. My irc nick Yahya.


  • /nick YourNick
  • /msg NickServ REGISTER YourPassword

logging in

/connect 6667 YourNick:YourPassword


  • /join #libera-cloak
  • Say !cloakme

alternative nick

It’s useful, but not required, to have an alternate nick grouped to your account. For example, if your primary nick is “YourNick”:

  • /nick YourNick2

then identify your primary account:

  • /msg NickServ IDENTIFY YourNick YourPassword

and finally, group the new nick to your account-

  • /msg NickServ GROUP

delete account

  • To delete your user account, use the “/msg NickServ DROP <nickname>” which requires a secondary confirmation. You may also change the email address associated with your account via a channel command.


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